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The Music ProducerAndy Taylor is a well recognized from the audio market. It’s been reported that the estimate of Andy Taylor net worth reaches 20 million bucks, which he’s earned due to his profession as a guitarist, songwriter, singer and record producer. Andy Taylor has emerged with a number of popular music groups, such as Duran Duran and The Power Station. Dealing together with the two of the size of Andy Taylor has increased net worth, along with creating his title recognized. Moreover, Andy Taylor was emerging as a solo singer. He has contributed as a songwriter, guitarist and record producer with other artists. All these collaborations include musicians such as Rod Stewart, Tony Banks, Robert Palmer, The Almighty, Paul Rodgers, Thunder, Mark Shaw, Love and Money, Belinda Carlisle and Jerico, along with others. These collaborations also have improved the sum of Andy Taylor net worth. The musician was created in England in 1961. He learnt to play the guitar after he was 11 years old. He combined some groups. When he was 16 years old, he made his first course. When he joined Duran Duran he began to get fame. This group signed a contract. The team became known and his job with it has added up into the estimate of Andy Taylor net worth. Was The Power Station. The very first album of this group known as also “The Power Station” landed in the Top 10 in the USA along with also the Top 20 in the Uk. Additionally, Andy Taylor was called a sacred act. He’s written some other tunes for TV productions and movies, like a song called “When The Rain Comes Down” contained in the soundtrack of “Miami Vice II”. Back in 1987, Andy Taylor published his first solo record called “Thunder”. Its earnings have added around the amount of Andy Taylor net worth. Back in 1988, he co-produced a record by Rod Stewart known as “Out of Order”, that was certified platinum. Back in 1990, Andy Taylor published his second solo record called “reckless”. He functioned as such with artists and concentrated on his work. He made a record by The Almighty known as “Soul Destruction”.


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Andy Taylor started playing the guitar when he was in school, and was created in Cullercoats, Tyne and Wear, England. He started when he was in high school, playing in groups, and then dropped to tour. He relocated to Birmingham, where he started playing with a band. The team signed with EMI, and made a name for themselves playing the club circuit. That season, they published their first record, and by 1983, they have been popular. During a group hiatus, from the mid-80s, he formed a second group Power Station, which introduced one album. He concentrated on a solo career. He was a superb producer, although he was not as powerful as a solo performer.

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