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Biography of 2012A Actor Douglas Peter Savant born Sunday, June 21, 1964in a town of Burbank. Doug Savant net worth in 2014-2015 is by sponsorship, endorsement, advertisements, including and so forth, $ 6,000,000 while Doug Savant gets paid. We estimated income and Sponsorship/Endorsement sum is156,863. We also added Films earnings that includes Playing for Keeps, All You Have Got Dropping Out. All Films earnings supplied below.

Douglas Peter Savant known as Doug Savant is a performer of nationality That Has Been famous for emerging as Matt Fielding at Melrose Place in Addition to for his role in Tom Scavo from the ABC series Desperate Housewives. He continues to be busy from the fraternity by appearing in the CBC play Knots Landing and had been born on Burbank, California. It’s been understood that Doug was married twice. He was married to some non-actress along with the connection ended on 1997 following a time period of 15 years. He has two kids from the union. Next, he got married to his Melrose Place co-star and has two children. The couple don’t appear to be having issues and was doing.

He went to a career in tv and film jobs.

Doug Savant is a popular celebrity. It’s been maintained that the quantity of Doug Savant net worth reaches 3 million dollars, according to the estimations, making him one of the most wealthy celebrities in the business. Back in 1992, he made the role of Matt Fielding to depict in the show known as “Melrose Place”, where he had been looking till 1997. In 2004, Doug Savant has been selected to seem as Tom Scavo from the popular series on ABC called “Desperate Housewives”. Before 2012, he depicted this character in such series. Both these productions have inserted up a great deal of earnings to the estimate of Doug Savant net worth, along with creating his name known. Produced in 1964, Doug Savant first got more attention when he played with a youthful Mac McKenzie about the CBS soap opera known as “Knots Landing”. Doug Savant became since it had been the time when he started to look at the theater market, known as a movie actor. These pictures also helped to improve the size of Doug Savant net worth. Doug Savant appeared as a top guest role in 1 episode of this series known as “The Outer Limits”. There, he had been selected to portray. At the period of 1992-1997, his title became more acknowledged since it had been the time when he was looking on “Melrose Place”. His role on those show became one. After five seasons, he ceased appearing on “Melrose Place” if his personality was killed in a automobile collision, which wasn’t shown on TV. Additionally, he appeared in four episodes of this show known as “24”. All these looks have added around the amount of Doug Savant net worth, too. . In the movie, he played with the role of lawyer Peter Marcheson, who assisted a woman. Afterward, in the span of 2004-2012, Doug Savant was looking on the powerful show on ABC called “Desperate Housewives” as Tom Scavo. Of seeming there at the first time, he had been a character and has been credited as a guest. He became a regular cast member and it left him more popular. Back in 1998, Doug Savant got married to Laura Leighton, who’s also an actress and who he had been looking in “Melrose Place”. The couple has two children, called Jack and Lucy. From his union, Doug Savant includes two brothers, called Arianna and Madeline.

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