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James Rebhorn James Rebhorn was created in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 1, 1948. His career spanned over 50 decades and he’s been engaged in over 100 productions in his life including movie, television, and stage performances. He appeared in blockbusters such as Independence Day, Cold Mountain, The Game Scent of a Woman, and Meet The Parents. He was probably known for enjoying with Claire Danes’ father. He played with with the District Attorney also made appearances in Third Watch, Law & Order, Boston Legal and 30 Rock, in Addition to playing with Reese Hughes on White Collar. Along with prime time tv, Rebhorn had a career in soap operas. James expired in the cancer on March 21, 2014. He was 65 years old and was suffering since 1992 from Melanoma.

It’s been maintained that the dimensions of James Rebhorn net worth reaches two million bucks, according to the calculations. James Rebhorn was a character actor, that dwelt at 1948-2014’s span. He appeared in over 100 TV productions, movies and stage plays. These appearances All made his name known as a celebrity and improved the sum of James Rebhorn net worth. These pictures also have added up a great deal of earnings to the quantity of James Rebhorn net worth. The celebrity was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1948. He proceeded to reside at Anderson, Indiana when he was a child. There, he studied at Madison Heights High School. He entered into examine political science. There, he seemed in some point plays, for example “Suggestions of Scapin” and “Lysistrata”. Following graduation, James Rebhorn transferred into New York City. There, he became a student where he obtained his Master of Fine Arts degree. He started to look in an increasing number of stage plays. Among the very first stage appearances was at the creation called “Butterflies are Free”, which ran in the Peterborough Players at New Hampshire. From the 1970s, James Rebhorn appeared as Peter Latham in a different play called “Forty Carats” in the GasLight Dinner Theatre at Salt Lake City. He played the part of a serial killer at the NBC series called “Law and Order”. At precisely the exact same year, he looked in yet another movie, known as “8 Seconds”. Back in 1996, James Rebhorn appeared as Lt. Tyler from the film called “White Squall”. Then in 1999, the actor got the portion of a shipping magnate to depict in the production referred to as “The Talented Mr. Ripley”. Therefore, every one these appearances have improved his popularity and added up to the sum of James Rebhorn net worth. Back in 1996, he depicted likely his best known character, that being Secretary of Defense Albert Nimzicki from the thriving movie known as “Independence Day”. 1 year afterwards, James Rebhorn appeared in his second movie, known as “Carlito’s Way”. In 1994, the actor was selected to describe the use of an FBI Agent from the movie known as “Guarding Tess”. In addition to his appearances in movies, James Rebhorn has emerged in a great deal of TV series, which have increased the sum of James Rebhorn net worth. By way of instance, at the span of 1983-1985, he also played the role of Bradley Raines from the TV series known as “Guiding Light”.

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