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Puerto Fonsi 1978 He is famous for the hit ‘Despacito’ rapper Daddy Yankee. Fonsi was created Luis Alfonso Rodriguez Lopez-Cepero on April 15, 1978. His parents are Delia Lopez-Cepero and Alfonso Rodriguez. He has Ramon, Jean, Tatiana and three sisters. When he was 10 Fonsi and his family moved into the United States. He studied singing and singing techniques. The boy band Menudo motivated him. Throughout high school he played in the group ‘that the Big Guys’ along with Joey Fatone (*NSYNC). Fonsi secured his first record contract. His debut record, Comenzare (I May commence), premiered in September 1998. It peaked on the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart at # 27. The record was certified Platino with over 100,000 copies. Eterno, his followup record, premiered in June 2000. He played a duet ‘Mi Reflejo’ . He wrote a Latin Grammy Award-winning tune for Ednita Nazario at 2000. Fonsi has released over 25 singles, two compilation books and 8 studio albums. 8, his latest job, premiered in May 2014. It featured a collaboration with Juan Luis Guerra about the tune ‘Llegaste Tu’. It had been committed to his daughter Mikaela. Fonsi popular thus far ‘Despacito’ premiered in January 2017. The tune was certified 55x Platinum (Latin) from the RIAA. It won awards like two Teen Choice Awards and a MTV Millennial Award. The tune’s official music video was seen over 3.6 billion occasions on YouTube. A remix version of Despacito containing Justin Bieber premiered in April 2017. Along with audio, Fonsi has just done a little acting. He had been cast about the telenovela ‘Corazones al limite’ as ‘Roy’. He had been a guest on the Nickelodeon sitcom Taina. Fonsi performed on the record of the Forever Tango of Broadway at 2013. He had been a actor at September 2017 on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Other television appearances include Decent Morning America, Conan, and Viva la Vida. He had been married to actress ‘Adamari Lopez’ . Fonsi wed wife version ‘Agueda Lopez’ at September 2014. They have Mikaela two kids and Rocco.

It’s been said that the estimate of Luis Fonsi net worth reaches 10 million bucks, according to the calculations. He’s earned his net worth due to his profession as a singer. He is a songwriter. Because he’s an actor, also, Luis Fonsi is known in the audio business, but also in the theater industry, and this profession has added into the dimension of Luis Fonsi net worth. Luis Fonsi was born at Puerto Rico, San Juan along with his birth name is Luis Alfonso Rodrguez Lpez-Cepero. He moved to Orlando, Florida with his family, when he had been a young child. He was raised. In 1995, Luis Fonsi has been approved to study music. He played together with the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and became a member of its choir. In 2011, Billboard, which was a honour and accomplishment for him called the Leader of Latin Music’s New Generation Luis Fonsi. He was recording his substance and signed a contract when he had been studying at Florida State University. Back in 1998, his first record was released, known as “Comenzar”. The album landed on Billboard’s Top Latin Albums chart at the place. This album’s earnings also have improved the quantity of Luis Fonsi net worth. The record became a Massive hit in Puerto Rico and Latin America. He became recognized as El Salvador, Colombia, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic and Mexico. Back in 2000, Luis Fonsi published his next record, known as “Eterno”, which became much more powerful than his original one. At roughly the Exact Same period, Luis Fonsi recorded a duet. Luis Fonsi became famous in Europe. In which he staged to Pope John Paul II back in 2000, the singer had been invited to play at Jubilee 2000. Another powerful record of his was known as “Abrazar la Vida”, that eventually became a success in Europe. Its earnings have added up into the sum of Luis Fonsi net worth. Landed at the spot on the Billboard Latin charts. Together with his sixth record called “Paso a Paso”, Luis Fonsi became more recognized globally. The album landed in graphs at the 1st location. Luis Fonsi acquired a Latin Grammy Award nomination for his album known as “Nada es Para Siempre”. In 2008, Luis Fonsi published one of the most prosperous singles known as “No Me Doy Por Vencido”, which landed at the 92nd spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It was. Back in 2004, Luis Fonsi appeared as a celebrity for the first time in the Mexican soap opera known as “Corazones al lmite”.

Luis Fonsi was born in San Juan. His family moved to Orlando, Florida while he had been a child. Luis sang together with the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and studied music. His debut studio record Comenzare premiered in 1998. His next record Eterno at 200 reached #2 on the US Pop and #6 on the US Latin graphs and also the #1 “Imaginame Sin Ti”. His record Amor Secreto hit at # 1 on the US Pop and Latin American charts in addition to his Palabras del Silencio at Tierra Firme and 2008 at 2011, which went in Mexico and Spain. Back in January 2017, Luis and Daddy Yankee published their co-written tune “Despacito”. The video for the song topped two BILLION views. In English, the song was remixed back in April 2017 and Justin Bieber was brought in to sing a guest verse. This edition of the tune is a monster smash.

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He has appeared a few TV series. Luis Fonsi Early Life & Education: his stage name Luis Fonsi much better recognizes Luis Alfonso Rodríguez López-Cepero. He has three sisters named a singer, Jean Rodríguez, Tatiana Rodríguez and Ramon perform Salotti.

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Luis Alfonso Rodrguez Lpez-Cepero, as Luis Fonsi is a Puerto Rican singer and songwriter best known for his 2017, known only ‘Despacito’. Fonsi is also an actor and has appeared and played a part in the 2004 telenovela ‘Corazones al lmite’, where he essayed Roy’s personality. The entire body of work of Fonsi comprise the studio records ‘Comenzar’, ‘ ‘Eterno’, ‘ ‘Amor Secreto’, ‘ ‘Abrazar la vida’, ‘ ‘Paso a Paso’, ‘Palabras del Silencio’, ‘ ‘Tierra Firme’ and ‘8 ”. His compilations comprise ‘Remixes’, ‘ ‘Fight the Feeling’, ‘ ‘xitos 98:06’ and ‘Romances’. He’s won a few Latin Music awards such as 11 Premios Juventud and Youth Awards or 5 Premio Lo Nuestro or ‘Our Matters’ Awards. Early Life and Education: Fonsi was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico on 15 as Delia ‘Tata’ Lpez-Cepero’s child along with her husband Alfonso Rodrguez. Fonsi includes three sisters; brothers Ramon perform a sister and singer Jean Rodrguez and Salotti. Fonsi showed a tendency towards music imitating stars of the band ‘Menudp’ and joined the Children’s Choir. He also attended Dr. Phillips High School in Orlando, Florida, USA where he had been component of their ‘Big Men’ team, singing in local festivals and college celebrations. Fonsi obtained a music scholarship at Florida State University School where he majored in Vocal Performance and registered in 1995. Career Rise: Fonsi created his songs debut with the 1998 studio album ‘Comenzar’, including the hit singles ‘Perdname’, ‘ ‘Si T Quisieras’, ‘ ‘Me Ir’ and ‘Dime Como’. The record reached the number 11 spot and also became a superhit in Latin American nations and Puerto Rico. Fonsi’s following album ‘Eterno’ published in 2000 and became a much bigger hit and at precisely the exact same calendar year, Fonsi sang a duet with singer Christina Aguilera for ‘Mi Reflejo’, her Spanish-language record, while also acting at Rome’s outside ceoncert, ‘that the Great Jubilee Concert’ together with Pope John Paul II in presence. Fonsi engaged by Britney Spears as an opening act in the ‘Dream Within a Dream Tour’. Fonsi’s studio record ‘Abrazar la vida’, including the single ‘Quin Te Dijo Eso?’ Published in 2003 and reached the spot. Fonsi’s 2005 studio album ‘Paso a Paso’ earned him global fame with the only ‘Nada Es Para Siempre’ topping different music charts throughout the world as well as getting a Latin Grammy nomination while his 2008 record ‘Palabras del Silencio’ also topped musical graphs. Fonsi recieved his first Latin Grammy from the group ‘Song of the Year’ to get ‘Aqu Estoy Yo’ in 2009 and released his records ‘Tierra Firme’ and ‘8’ at 2014 and 2011 . Fonsi became a sensation with this 2017 ‘Despacito’ comprising Daddy Yankee that turned into a Latin Billboard chart topper and was remixed in English by Justin Bieber’s launch. The Latin and English versions of this tune topped graphs that were musical and became the most seen video of Youtube with more than three billion viewpoints. Wife : Fonsi was married twice. Fonsi and Puerto Rican Univision artist and celebrity Adamari Lpez fulfilled and has been supposed to be dating her when Lpez was diagnosed to be by her side before he cancelled his tour. Fonsi went into Miami, Puerto Rico and Mexico with Lpez for the remedy. The couple tied the knot at Guaynabo but divorced in 2010. With whom he had a daughter Fonsi entered into a connection with version gueda Lpez. The couple became parents with the arrival of the son Rocco for another period in 2016 and wed in 2014. Luis Fonsi — Earnings against Despacito: His station has made an estimated $12 to $16 million, largely by Despacito. In addition, he earns on Spotify ‘Despacito’, performances and merchandizing tie-ups, not minding live.

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