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17 would be United States, Rogers Park, Chicago, Illinois. She had been born as the daughter of Maria but she and with her father meet. She had been raised in area of Chicago. In accordance with her nationality she’s American. And her ethnicity is Mexican, Spanish, Hungarian, and Romanian. Her parents had three kids, she had been born as kid and she’s two brothers. Information relating history is missing although Marisol Nichols attended College of DuPage. She left her began her career debut from 1996 television show Due South in tv. Year she was featured in Beverly Hills and My Men. A year after her introduction, she left her appearance in Diagnosis and ER: Murder. Back in 1999, her existence was made by Marisol in American tv show Odd Man Out and Boy Meets World. Back in 2003, Marisol Nichols has been showcased in Charmed, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and string such as The Section, Friends. Marisol Nichols has been featured in films, where she left her introduction as Udrey Griswold from 1997 film Vegas Holiday. From The Princess & the Barrio Boy, she left her existence back in 2000. Her career has been attained high within by her and she’s been progressing. Marisol Nichols is lady with talent. She’s been been compared with men before and also her sexual orientation is right. Her current status is wed. Marisol Nichols had affairs with Andrea Sorrentino, they began dating in 1995 and with her she broke up following three decades of connection in 1998. With Taron Lexton, she began relationship following her breakup with her boyfriend at 2004. And she got married on April 13, 2008 . Speaking about her kids she’s kid named. Her husband and Marisol attended public occasions and social and they seem pleased. She lives in Los Angeles, California together with partner and her child. She’s net worth of about 5 thousand dollar and also her salary information is lost. The bio of Marisol Nichols is upgraded in IMDb along with she is followed by her lovers .

An Marisol Nichols is for playing at the season of 24 where she had her portrayal as Nadia Yassir, a unique 35,,, a Hollywood actress who rose to fame. Actress Nichols was created to a mom of Spanish and Mexican descent and dad of Romanian and Hungarian ancestry, on November 2, 1973, in Roger Park. Marisol, Romanian and a mixing of Mexican and beauty is much more than a character in screen. Falling in the record of highly she’s made a name for himself as one of the most recognizable and in demand celebrity. Her youth was spent by Nichols . She was. As a teen, she was discontented as toward jurisdiction. Hers was a personality marked as a adolescent. But when the woman braced herself realization called tendency insider on her. All of the artwork that is fantastic is that the sublimation of instinct. Actress Marisol Nichols embarked making her function in the episodes of Due South and Beverly Hills. After year, her very first movie role was won by Nichols reverse Chevy Chase in Vegas Holiday. By then, for the Upcoming few decades, she looked at the character from the films like Scream 2, The Sex Monster Jane Austen’s Mafia, Until the End and can not Hardly Wait. One of her season was 2002, throughout this year taste of her character led her from the film that the princess and the Marine into the function of a Bahraini Princess. She was led by this job to the nomination of all ALMA awards. Except from her function at a studio movies, Nichols has been featured in many TV series. In 2006, Marisol was starred in six episodes of situation that was cold and was cast in the film Big Momma’s House 2. Prior to this, she was featured in the TV series Blind Justice, which lasted for a moment. She landed one of her career’s roles 24 next year. Her part in the tv show 24 as a particular agent Nadia Yassir was a move which catapulted her to stardom. In 2010, Marisol was depicted as Sarah Monahan at the ABC show The Gates, a crime play that was supernatural. One could draw on an analogy of her functions with her attribute that is varied. Unlike roles were never longed for by Nichols. Despite her appeal that is indisputable, she’s more inclined towards roles that are strong in the film than characters. But audience and Co superstar moans with looks and her soothing her parent had handed her down. Really, any man can turn. With celebrity Taron Lexton, Nichols was hooked up on April 13, 2008. On September of the year, to some surprise, the couple welcomed. And this signify is that the couple was with an adventure since for quite a while. Wiki and other celebrity websites also give A frame of Actress Nichols Biography. The celebrity resides at Los Angeles with kid and her husband.

A world famous Actress Marisol Nichols born on Friday, November 02, 1973in a city of Chicago. Marisol Nichols net worth in 2014-2015 is by advertisements, sponsorship featuring and so forth, $ 2,000,000 while Marisol Nichols gets paid. We estimated income and Sponsorship/Endorsement sum is52,288. We also added films earnings that includes Delta Farce, GCB The Storm. All films earnings provided below.

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It’s been reported that the dimensions of Marisol Nichols net worth reaches two million bucks, according to the estimations. She’s earned a huge portion of her net worth due to her work . The series made her known but raised the amount of Marisol Nichols net worth. She had been born at the Rogers Park area of Chicago, Illinois in 1973. She had been raised with her two brothers. When she was a teen, she believed she decided to start and needed to guide her energy and was rebellious. 1 year after, she appeared in her first film called “Vegas Vacation”, where she starred alongside Chevy Chase. Her movie work has functioned among the resources of raising the estimate of Marisol Nichols net worth. Additionally, Marisol Nichols obtained a starring character to portray from the Showtime series called “Resurrection Blvd.”. At precisely the exact same year, she had a part to depict in six episodes of this show referred to as “Cold Case”. All these appearances have improved her fame in addition to the quantity of Marisol Nichols net worth. Back in 2005, Marisol Nichols appeared in the show which did not endure for quite a while known as “Blind Justice”. 1 year afterwards, she had a part in “Justice”. In 2007, she made her known character, being Special Agent Nadia Yassir from the TV series called “24”. In 2008, Marisol Nichols combined Stephen Dorff to look in the movie known as “Felon”. Additionally, Marisol Nichols appeared in the music video for its song called “I Want Someone (Bitch Concerning)” listed by Kristin Chenoweth.

She’s famous for playing the role of Agent Nadia Yassir. Marisol TV role came My Men in 1996. She made her movie debut starring in Vegas Holiday as Audrey Griswold. In 2004 she starred in 2005 and at the show Cold Case Blind Justice. She starred in the show In Justice at 2006 and her best known character arrived as Nadia Yassir at the Fox series 24 at 2007. She starred at the show GCB as Heather Cruz and at 2012 as Sarah Monohan. Marisol was nominated for Supporting Actress in 2008 and 2007 for ALMA awards. She and Taron Lexton at 2008 wed and the couple has one child.

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Marisol Nichols net worth is $2,000,000 . In Acting career estimation of Marisol Nichols values come. After calculating debt and Marisol Nichols assets on Monday, February 13, 18, we obtained this figure . Median prosperity standing that is American is 33 time less Marisol Nichols .

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