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The Music ProducerTom Cochrane net worth: Tom Cochrane is a musician and singer-songwriter that has a net worth of $10 million. Cochrane is famous for his solo work together with fronting the rock group Red Rider. Together with the group he recorded a live record and six studio albums and in 1986 they had been called Tom Cochrane & Red Rider. Cochrane started his solo career in 1991 along with his hit single “Life is a Highway” off his debut solo studio record Mad Mad World which sold six million albums worldwide. He published his album and another four solo records Take It Home is scheduled to be published in 2015. In 2006 nation rock group Rascal Flatts had a hit with a cover of this song. Cochrane is a part of the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and has won seven Juno Awards. He had been inducted into the Canadian Walk of Fame and is an Officer of the Order of Canada.

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Tom Cochrane is a performer from Canada. His involvement in music has made him one of the wealthiest individuals in the market since it’s been maintained that the quantity of Tom Cochrane net worth reaches 10 million bucks. He’s published plenty of music, which became hits. He has done a great deal of work. Tom Cochrane is the member of this rock band named Red Rider. He’s come to be a receiver of eight Juno awards. His career in music improved the size of Tom Cochrane net worth, but also earned him recognition and awards. Tom Cochrane offers an honorary doctorate awarded to him from Brandon University. In 2009, the title of Tom Cochrane has been inducted into the Canadian Walk of Fame. He had been born at Lynn Lake, Manitoba, Canada in 1953, along with his birth name is Thomas William Cochrane. The family moved to Acton, Ontario when he was a toddler. They proceeded to Etobicoke, Ontario. After he was 11 years old, Tom Cochrane marketed he could purchase a guitar, his train group. At the conclusion of the 1960s, Tom Cochrane studied in Martingrove Collegiate Institute. At the start of the 1970s, he appeared as a singer in coffee houses in Canada. He found work , after he moved to Los Angeles. He composed the theme for the movie called “My Delight Is My Business”. He proceeded back into Canada and was unable to locate any work, where he combined his group named Red Rider. He’s worked as the songwriter and a singer. The team has made his name known and added up into the quantity of Tom Cochrane net worth. He appeared in six studio albums. Back in 1986, the title of the group has been altered to Tom Cochrane & Red Rider. Back in 1991, he became this profession and a singer has added up into the estimate of Tom Cochrane net worth. Over 6 million copies of this have been marketed, and earnings have increased the amount of Tom Cochrane net worth. Tom Cochrane has turned into among the music artists that are Canadian. He loves playing hockey, golf and being a pilot. The artist is residing in Oakville, Ontario. He’s married with that he has two children named Cody and Evanne.

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