What happened to John De Mol? Bio: Net Worth, Brother, Wife, Religion, Son

It’s been declared that the entire quantity of the recent John De Mol net worth is as large as 2.2 billion bucks, making him one of the wealthiest businessmen in the world. John De Mol is thought of as a Dutch company tycoon. John De Mol is among the men and women who handle production firms Talpa and Endemol. Both these firms made his name popular and added up to the entire quote of John De Mol net worth. He had been born in 1955 from the Netherlands and his name has come to be among the most prosperous titles in the nation. John De Mol is now rich due to his job in TV applications. At the period of 1997-1999, John De Mol established the popular TV series called “Big Brother”. The series was created by his firm named John de Mol Produkties. Back in 1994, this company was merged with Joop van den Ende TV-Producties along with also the title of it had been transformed to Endemol. This firm became among the greatest sources of raising the entire size of John De Mol net worth. Even though the business was merged, it functioned on its own own. Thus, as each one of these shows became popular, in addition they added around the entire amount of John De Mol net worth. In 2005, his name has been included in the Forbes Magazine listing of the 500 richest people on the planet. In 2007, John De Mol again became among the largest culprits of Endemol. Throughout the time when he wasn’t working with Endemol, he made his very own tv channel. But this station wasn’t as successful as intended and he offered it into RTL Nederland, however he possessed a share in the business after selling it into RTL Nederland. In 2005, John De Mol purchased Radio 538, which he afterwards again sold to RTL Nederland. In 2010, he started another TV program, that became hugely popular, known as “The Voice of Holland”, which also added up a whole lot to the whole sum of John De Mol net worth. The formulation of this series was sold to other stations in various nations. By Way of Example, at 2011, “The Voice” started to broadcast on NBC in the USA. Along with his profession, John De Mol is also famous for a few personal information. He had been wed to Wileke Alberti, who’s a singer and actress. Together with her, he is a parent of Johnny De Mol, that became a performer, also. John De Mol oversees a large private equity finance, too.

Four decades back, purchased back to Endemol, picking up a 5 percent stake.Holds bet in RDF Media, which generates Wife Swap; and RTL Netherlands. Concentrating his energy nowadays on creating TV and multimedia reveals through Talpa Media. A number of its creations: Battle of this Choirs; quiz reveals Pretty Smart, Relationship at the Dark and Know Your Country.

Reality TV leader John de Mol is among the major figures behind manufacturing companies Endemol and Talpa. He left his fortune generating dozens of popular television applications. ” As for his latest singing contest “The Voice,” it’s licensed in 50 states, such as China in which the series is racking up countless millions of audiences. John de Mol also includes a brand-new series coming from the USA, known as “The Winner Is…”. Back in 2000, John de Mol marketed Endemol into Spanish telecom giant Telefonica, but since then he’s bought back a little share in the business. He’s presently focusing on his newer firm Talpa Media, that has a different US branch. He’s the third richest man from the Netherlands and also the 670th richest man on the planet. In regards to his private life, John is married with one kid.

De Mol is among those guys behind manufacturing companies Endemol and Talpa. De Mol was married to singer and celebrity Willeke Alberti. The celebrity Johnny de Mol is his or her son. Outside of television, p Mol controls a large private equity fund that, at one time, possessed significant shares of auto manufacturer Spyker Cars and telecommunications firm Versatel. John’s sister, broadcaster and celebrity Linda de Mol, gifts, or looks in, a number of Endemol’s programs, including the first Dutch version of Deal or No Deal, Miljoenenjacht (Hunt for Millions). She presented among Endemol’s first productions, The DJ Kat Show. In 2011 Talpa worked with Finnish media conglomerate Sanoma to Purchase the Dutch actions of SBS Broadcasting out of German broadcaster ProSiebenSat.1 Media. As a part of the bargain De Mol sold his shares at RTL Nederland into the RTL Group, keeping the possession of Radio 538 and its sister channels Radio 10 Gold and SLAM!FM.

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