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A world famous Books, Film Adaptations of Books character Howard Allen Frances O’Brien born Saturday, October 04, 1941 at Fantastic city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Anne Rice net worth based on 2015 stats is 50,000,000.

Among the most renowned set of books that have gained popularity all around the globe and turned into a type of a craze from the States, is that the “vampire Chronicles”, a dream and gothic literature combination, which lately has seemingly defeated the countries. An wonderful victory of Anne Rice was attained when film directors have revealed interest in turning her books into attribute films. Thus far two novels of hers, largely involving a few of the chief characters in the books, Lestat, have been adapted for the display and published globally. “Interview with a Vampire” premiered in 1994, struck on an wonderful victory and hugely contributed to the development of Anne Rice net worth. Starring such global known celebrities as Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, the film accumulated big quantities of money from the ticket boxes. “Queen of the Damned” premiered in 2002, including Aaliyah, who’s a renowned singer from the States. Another successful project was “Sleeping Beauty”, and it can be a trilogy, and can be guaranteed success too. Anne Rice Net Worth is thought to be 50 Million.

Anne Rice got her net worth through her writing of gothic, puzzles, spiritual and other music genres, with a number of her novels being adapted into comic books. Born Howard Allen Frances O’Brien on October 4, 1941, at New Orleans, Louisiana, US, she’s probably best known for her popular series of books, The Vampire Chronicles, revolving round the literary character of Lestat. Two of the novels from the Vampire Chronicles have been made into successful films, Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles in 1994, and also Queen of the Damned at 2002. But, numerous other functions emerged from Rice’s pen. On her very first day of Catholic college, Howard told that the nuns her name was Anne, and it’s stayed Anne ever since. After she dropped her mother at 14, Anne moved to Texas where she went into high school and went to attend Texas Women’s University and after North Texas State College. Anne wed her high-school darling Stan Rice at 1961. Following her graduation she obtained a teaching job and she started composing. Anne first composed the brief story, Interview with the Vampire, that afterwards could be enlarged into a book and could alter her life forever. Back in 1966, the couple had a baby girl, Michele, that sadly would die of leukemia six decades later. Though Anne was grief-stricken she’d continue to write, finishing the book Interview with the Vampire in 1976 and after its sequels through the 1980s. Her other works include The Mayfair Witch Trilogy, The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy, in Addition to other stand alone books like The Feast of All Saints and Servant of the Bones, one of others. Having sold nearly 100 million copies, her novels put her one of the most well-known writers in recent American history. After she dropped her husband Stan to brain cancer in 2002, Anne continued to compose religious texts and religious memoirs. Now, she prefers to spend more time with her son Christopher who’s also a writer.

She’s famous for its set of books called the ‘Vampire Chronicles’. Actually, two novels from the show that are about the personality Lestat have been turned into films. The initial one, ‘Interview with a Vampire’, that premiered in 1994 featured anall-star throw which included Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Christian Slater. Both films turned into big hits on the box office. Her novels have sold over 100 million copies which got her the monicker among the best selling writers in the history of America. Revenue & Financial Data: The under fiscal information is accumulated and accumulated by TheRichest analysts staff to provide you a better knowledge of Anne Rice’s net worth by breaking down themost applicable financial events like yearly wages, contracts, make outs, exemptions, inventory ownership and a whole lot more. ? Pick Year Revenue 2005 Earnings 2004

Christopher here, chiming in with Anne's blessing, to share the cover and synopsis for my new Burning Girl thriller,…

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She gained notoriety for a writer of erotica and vampire books. Her popular book, Interview with the Vampire, was printed in 1976 and made into a picture of the identical title, starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. Rice rediscovered her Catholic religion in 1998 and composed several novels that revealed her fascination with religion, such as Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt (2005) and also Angel Time (2009). In 2010, Rice explained that she was no more a Christian. Her latest works are The Wolf Present (2012) and The Wolves of Midwinter (2013). Named Howard following her daddy, Rice changed her first name to ‘Anne’ at the first tier. She had been raised Catholic and attended parochial school through her younger years. She graduated from Richardson High School the next year. The couple lived in the region before the late 1980s. After a number of jobs, such as working as a waitress, cook and insurance claims examiner, Rice started her career as a writer of erotica and vampire books.

It’s been noted that the general estimate of this recent Anne Rice net worth is as much as 50 million bucks. Anne Rice is a well-known book writer, who has written sensual books in addition to Christian books and classical fiction. Anne Rice is known for her novel series known as “The Vampire Tales “. The major character of this book series is called Lestat. Two movies based on these novels were created. One of these had been released in 1994, known as “Interview with the Vampire”, and yet another one has been released in 2002, known as “Queen of the Damned”. Thus, these publication series created her name well known globally and added up into the general quantity of Anne Rice net worth. Anne Rice was born in 1941 at New Orleans. Anne Rice was increased in New Orleans but afterwards moved to Texas, finally settling in San Francisco. Back in 1976, Anne Rice began her writing career when her first book was released, known as “Interview with the Vampire”, that was later turned into a favorite movie of the identical name. She wrote that the book when she had been residing in California and shortly after the novel, Anne Rice started to rise sequels for this publication. The earnings of those books also have added up into the general dimensions of Anne Rice net worth. Over a hundred million copies of her novels are sold globally. This high earnings made her among the most well-known writers in recent American history. It’s also understood in the beginning, she received mixed opinions from publication critics however beginning from the 1980s, Anne Rice became increasingly more popular. Back in 1961, the author got married to Stan Rice, who had been a poet and painter. Back in 2002, he passed off as a consequence of cancer. Together with himAnne Rice was a parent of 2 children. One of these died at the young age of 5 due to leukemia. Another one, called Christopher, also became a writer. Besides writing novels about vampires, Anne Rice has printed some other people, including “The Feast of All Saints”, that has been turned into a TV manufacturing in 2001. Additionally, a number of her vampire novels are adapted into comic miniseries, too. As a sensual book writer, Anne Rice has written books under the titles of both A. N. Roquelaure and Anne Rampling. One of these books was known as “Exit to Eden”, that has been turned into a movie in 1994. Thus, every one these novels of hers not just made her name called a writer, but also added a lot to the general amount of Anne Rice net worth.

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