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Rsula Hilaria Celia de la Caridad Cruz Alfonso de la Santsima Trinidad (best called Celia Cruz) was born October 21, 1925 at Havana, Cuba. Considered among the most popular salsa performers of the 20th century, Cruz earned twenty-three gold records and has been the recipient of the National Medal of Arts. Celia Cruz spent her career in the U.S. in addition to many Latin American nations. Growing up in Cuba’s varied 1930s musical landscape, Cruz listened to a myriad of musicians that affected her adult career, such as Fernando Collazo, Abelardo Barroso, Pablo Quevedo and Arsenio Rodrguez. Despite her mum ‘s resistance, as a kid Cruz learned santera tunes out of her neighbor who practiced santera. Cruz later analyzed the words into Yoruba tunes with colleague Mercedita Valdes (an Akpwon santera singer in Cuba) and listed several spiritual tunes. As a teen, an aunt took Celia Cruz and her cousin to cabarets to sing, but her dad encouraged Cruz to attend college in the hopes that she’d eventually become a teacher. Cruz started singing in Havana’s radio channel Radio Garcia-Serra’s favorite Hora del T daily broadcast, in which she staged the tango nostalgias and won first location. She regularly won competitions, which afforded new opportunities to take part in more competitions. Her first records were in 1948 at Venezuela. On July 16, 2003, Cruz died of brain cancer in her home in Fort Lee, New Jersey at age 77. On March 16, 2011, Celia Cruz was respected by the U.S. Postal Service using a commemorative postage stamp. The Cruz postage was among a set of five star honoring Latin music greats, which comprised Selena, Tito Puente, Carmen Miranda and Carlos Gardel.

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Celia Cruz was a favorite Latin music singer of Cuban roots, who had been born in 1925 and passed away in 2003. Music made her famous all over the globe and added a great deal of earnings into the entire size of Celia Cruz net worth, that has been promised to reach 1 million bucks. Celia Cruz was considered as the most popular Latin singer of the 20th century. 23 records of hers are certified as golden. The earnings of these also have increased the entire amount of Celia Cruz net worth a good deal. Celia Cruz was given the National Medal of Arts. Celia Cruz has been employed as a singer largely in the USA and a few Latin American nations. Celia Cruz was born in 1925 at Havana, Cuba. She had been the second from four children in the household. Celia Cruz’s mum was a homemaker, whereas her father was employed as a railroad stoker. When she was small, Celia Cruz wanted to listen to recordings by Pablo Quevedo, Arsenio Rodriguez, Fernando Collazo and Abelardo Barroso. After she was growing up, she had a passion to do and was prompted by her aunt to accomplish this, who would normally take her into cabarets. But, her dad didn’t agree with it because he desired her to concentrate on her studies and eventually become a teacher some day. Celia Cruz then started to look in singing contests on Havana’s radio channel Radio Garca Serra. Therefore, her acting work has also improved the entire size of Celia Cruz net worth. Back in 1974, she recorded an album with Johnny Pacheco, known as “Celia y Johnny”, which was a significant success. Afterward, she joined the band known as the Fania All-Stars, which conducted salsa music. Together with the team, she toured a lot and seen states, for example France and England. Back in 1976, she appeared in a documentary movie about the Latin culture and customs, known as “Salsa”. From the 1980s, Celia Cruz was traveling not just in Latin America but also in Europe and appeared in several TV shows there. Back in 1992, she acquired a part in the movie known as “The Mambo Kings”, in which she seemed alongside Antonio Banderas and Armand Assante. In 1994, she received the National Medal of Arts in president Bill Clinton. In 1994 also, her title has been inducted into Billboards Latin Music Hall of Fame. Back in 1999, her title has been inducted into the International Latin Music Hall of Fame. Consequently, her career in audio was given, also, besides raising the general sum of Celia Cruz net worth.

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