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It’s been calculated that the entire estimate of Kalenna Harper net worth is as much as 500 million bucks. She’s became famous because of her career as a singer, however, she’s also called a song writer. Along with this, she’s also made her name known as a TV show celebrity. Every one these involvements of her also have added up a lot to the general dimensions of Kalenna Harper net worth. Kalenna Harper to many individuals is largely famous for her appearances on the TV series called “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”. As a singer, she’s mainly known in the hip hop group known as “Diddy-Dirty Money”. Consequently, working on those projects has added up a great deal to her popularity and increased the total quantity of Kalenna Harper net worth. Due to the simple fact that her dad was a military guy, Kalenna Harper transferred from 1 spot to another when she was growing up. After she graduated from high school, Kalenna Harper has been hired as a song writer for several musicians. Thus, being a song author has also added a whole lot to the entire sum of Kalenna Harper net worth. Kalenna Harper has also worked on several movies as a helper on soundtracks. In 2009 she left her name quite renowned when she joined the group named “Diddy-Dirty Money”. Inside this category, she had been united by Dawn Richard, who’s a former member of “Danity Kane”. In 2010, the team appeared at the BET Awards. Kalenna Harper has said that acting this occasion was among the happiest moments in her life. 1 year after, the team turned into a winner of the BET Award in the category of the Ideal Group. In reality, she’s also released a record as a solo singer. Presently, Kalenna Harper is residing in Atlanta, Georgia, along with her husband Tony Vick. Tony Vick is her manager. Together with himshe has one son called Meshach Vick.

Kalenna is a renowned song writer in addition to singer from America. She’s also a television character and also a renowned producer of documents who hails from Pennsylvania. She was part of the renowned music group Diddy-Dirty Money, Sean Diddy Combs and Dawn Richard were members of the group. They disbanded the group from the year 2012. She’s been part of this Enjoy and Hip Hop: Atlanta. She’s currently working on her newest music record called Rose Water. Kalenna Lashante Harper-Vickwas born from the year 1982 on 13, August at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She had been trained to sing directly in the age 9. Randy Howard was her step dad and he’s helped her a great deal in bringing the music up within her. He always moved Harper in singing. Since Randy Howard was army employees, Harper has moved to various areas. A Number of Them contain Korea, Fort Stewart, Forrt Meade, Fort Richardson in Addition to Hawaii. She’s come to be a cello player that had been trained classically and has turned into the member of a choir group termed creative impressions. She began her tune recordings right out of her high school. She was an unbelievable song writer and has composed many tunes. She’s also composed songs for other singers such as Christina Milian for Peanut Butter and Jelly, Aretha Franklin’s for its tunes Pussycat Dolls and Set You On Game, Ciara’s”Pucker Up, Charlotte Church’s”Mood swings. Her gifts to additional singers also comprise Three 6 Mafia(Shake My), Maino(Do not Say Nothing), Ciara(Kiss My Swag),, Dirty Money (Love Come Down ) in addition to Trina (Permit them Hoes Fight). She’s also published Chamber of Diaries from the year 2012, February 13, that will be a mix-tape. This cassette is composed of a general of 13 songs. She was a cast member in Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta from year 3 to year 5. Kalenna’s debut record was Dark Orchid and her record to be published in 2016 is Rose Water. Kalenna has wed Tony Vick and they have two kids, Meshach and Noah. They’re now residing in Atlanta. Tony Vick was her supervisor. The estimated net worth of Kalenna Harper is roughly $500 million. While Harper was part of the group, Diddy-Dirty Money, they’ve performed in the BET Awards in the year 2010 and have been nominated as the ideal BET group.

Who’s Kalenna Harper? She had been born on 13th August 1982 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Usa. Her entire title is Kalenna Lashante Harper Vick. She began getting vocal training because the early age of 9 decades. Her stepfather has been Randy Howard encouraged her a whole lot to be a musician and he’s the major cause of her massive success. Her stepfather combined military when she was a teen and for this reason, she chose to dwell in several cities. She’s married to Tony Vick who is her boss. The couple has two sons called Meshach Vick and Noah Vick and they had been created in late 2014. They’ve a daughter called Savannah Vick who had been born in 2016. At present, she’s residing in Atlanta, Georgia. Instruction: She moved to Fort Meade High School. While attending High School she began recording Local Studios at Maryland. She obtained a scholarship to FAMU for conducting course but because of an accident on her right knee, she decided to take her gift of music to a different level. She turned into a trained cello player and she had been a part of an all-state choir name Creative Impressions. Career: Her career was launched in the music sector with composing tune for the a variety of artist such as Charlotte Church. She’s famous as part of a hip group called Diddy-Dirty Money. She’s released three sisters in complete with all the group. Angels was the debut single of this group. Love Come Down was the 2nd single of this group. These both singles turned into part of Diddy’s album titled Last Train To Paris that premiered in 2010. Hi, fantastic Morning was the next single of the group which comprised T.I. and published in 2010. In 2010, Fourth Single of this record titled Loving You No longer premiered on iTunes. In 2013, she published a mixtape called Chamber of Diaries which comprised 13 numbers. She was a supportive cast on the show titled Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta throughout 2014-2015 in its 3rd, 4th and 5th year old. During functioning for this series she published singles called Time and Murder and Space on iTunes. She had been starred on single branded Welcome to St. Tropez which attained Platinum in Germany and Sweden. In 2015, her next album titled Black Orchid premiered and it did well on the industry. At precisely the exact same year, she worked on a 10-week effort in 2016 where she’ll choose among 100 individuals to use. The chosen people will aid in generating singles, characteristics, and demos and it will telecast on the net. She’s also worked in several movies as a helper with soundtracks. She’s written songs for several artists such as Christina Milian from Peanut Butter & Jelly, Charlotte Church at Moodswings, Aretha Franklin in Set You On Game and Ciara at Pucker Up. This kind of superb net worth comprises stock investments, luxury possessions, and precious products. Kalenna Harper is an outstanding singer, a performer with flexible character. She has the capability to pull lovers towards herself together with all the outstanding acting and performances. She’s established herself several times and all of the riches she’s earned is a real inspiration for many others who wish to attain large in life. Kalenna Harper Business Model: Being a performer and celebrity her earnings mostly revolves around both of these professions. The other resources of her earnings are sponsorships, advertising, concerts, tours and much more. It’s been several years since she’s entered amusement business but she has earned a fantastic riches that’s quickly increasing over the moment. In last of November 2016, Kalenna Harper gave birth to a baby girl and nowadays she’s taking care of her loved ones and hasn’t declared any forthcoming project up to now. This young and talented artist has set a good example for the youth trying hard to attain success in the entertainment market. She’s the origin of women empowerment. She’s a lady of versatile character and she’s made a name for himself over the years that is the results of her endless efforts and hard work. We want her luck and success for the forthcoming years.

Popular singer and manufacturer Kalenna Harper became famous since she bcema a part of this throw on reality TV series Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta at 2014. She along with her husband Tony Vick also purchased a new home in Atlanta that year. And this amount is very likely to grow appreciably very soon. Why? Apart from her leading salary per incident on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Kalenna is very likely to boost her earnings from songs. In 2015, Kalenna published a brand new studio album named Black Orchid. This is extremely important because it’s been five years since her last studio record Last Train to Paris. She had been focusing on a household lately but it seems like she is back in saddle for 2015. Kalenna Harper wed her long term boyfriend Tony Vick. There is surely a great deal of drama happening. She analyzed at three different high schools rather than pursued a college diploma. Her musical profession startd at a group named Diddy-Dirty Money. The team comprised also a famed Sean”Diddy” Combs however they disanded at 2012. Kalenna went and released a mixtape named Chamber of Diaries.

Kalenna Harper net worth: Kalenna Harper is a American singer-songwriter and reality tv celebrity that has a net worth of $500 million. She’s famous for appearing on the hit reality tv series, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, and also the next female singer of this hip hop group, Diddy-Dirty Money. She had been born August 13, 1982 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but moved around a lot as a kid because her dad was in the army. In 2009, Harper became a part of this group Diddy-Dirty Money, which comprised former Danity Kane manhood, Dawn Richard. The team performed in the 2010 BET Awards and has been nominated for the BET Best Team award. In 2011, the team won “Best Team ” in the BET awards, which Harper states is among the happiest occasions of her life. After the band broke up, she began working as a solo artist and released a record.

20 She’s an amazing singer and also an remarkable human being. She’s been really successful in her singing career and in addition to that, she’s done excellent in TV shows too. She’s none apart from the very lovely and incredibly gifted Kalenna Harper. Harper was born in the calendar year 1982 on 13th of August and this also makes her era 33 at this moment. At this age, she’s achieved her fantasies and her gift has directed her into the peaks of success in her profession. She had been born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the USA of America. She belongs on the ethnicity black and since she had been born in America, her nationality is clearly American. She’s made her parents happy with her devotion and enthusiasm for what she’s doing. She’ll go farther in her profession and there’s not any stopping her in the present time. Harper’s youth was fairly comfy because her parents were well off and doted on his or her own daughter. She’s her rock star attitude out of her mom. She’s released a few records and they’ve been quite successful on the industry. From the year 2010, she released a record called Last Train to Paris and it did quite well on the industry. It was able to get to the number 3 at the U.S R & B charts and it was a phenomenal success because of her. Additionally, it reached number 7 in the U.S graphs and number 24 in U.K graphs. Her next studio album named Black Orchid, that can be released from the year 2015, has also done nicely. She has Mixtapes for her title and a few of these was called since Chamber of Diaries and it had been released from the year 2012. Harper’s individual life is going well, but she’s been suffering from postpartum depression for a while. She had been dating her boyfriend Tony Vick ahead of the couple chose to get married and live happily as husband and husband. The couple is still going really powerful as husband and wife and this leaves the odds of a divorce to happen in their own lives to minimum. Since the couple is going so powerful with their connection, there’s almost no prospect of a divorce to happen in their own lives. She’s a total of 2 kids and their titles are Meshach Vick and Noah Vick. As she’s such a massive celebrity, there’s absolutely no doubt that info on her or his biography is easily caught from wiki websites. She’s a mean height of 5 feet 5 inches. She has an excellent net worth of 500 million bucks.

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