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Jackson played with the title character’s greatest buddy, Niecy Jackson about the tv series Moesha. She’s also appeared at The Bernie Mac Show. The series aimed to help people who have recently gone through divorce or separation. In 2009, Jackson appeared at the movie I Would… I Had! . She also appeared at the dance movie Steppin: The Movie Jackson was a singer at the pop band Mpulz and has been contained on The Princess Diaries soundtrack. She won first position about the MTV reality series Celebrity Rap Superstar on October 18, 2007, beating runner-up Contro. She appeared on the season of Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp, which originated in February 2010.

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Shar Jackson’s complete name is Sharisse Shar Jackson, is a famous actress and singer in the USA. She appeared at the American television series, Moesha. Seeing her ethnicity and nationality, she’s an African American, Puerto Rican and Mexican descent. Jackson depicted a small part on a tv series, Moesha and afterwards appeared on”My So-Called Life” as Crystal. Jackson is also a famous name in Nickelodeon’s children picture,”Good Burger”. Further, he also included at the ABC reality show”The Ex-Wives Club” together with Angie Everhart along with Marla Maples. Shar Jackson was in a relationship with Kevin Federline; a famous rapper, style design and also the ex-husband of Britney Spears. Shar Jackson started dating Kevin by the start of the 2000s. After dating each other for several decades, they chose to step to the new phase of the relationship, so that they have participated in 2001. After union, Shar and Kevin gave birth to 2 kids together. However they had a sad end as he connected with Britney Spears and eventually wed her in 2004. Shar called off her engagement with him at precisely the exact same calendar year. The celebrity is going good with her acting career and also earns a fantastic amount of salary, which ables her to live a star life.

Back in 1996, she had been cast in the role that could make her a household name as Niecy Jackson about the hit series, “Moesha”. Her job “Moesha” contributed to a function in the hit movie, “Great Burger”, and she looked in precisely the exact same function on episodes of “Clueless”, “The Parkers”, and “Girlfriends”. Besides her acting career, she was also a part of the pop band, Mpulz, that released a single record, and she won the MTV reality singing contest, “Celebrity Rap Superstar” in 2007. Shar Jackson has two kids with Kevin Federline, who abandoned her while she was pregnant so far Britney Spears.

Sharisse Shar Jackson is a famous character who rose to fame as a dancer and a singer. She’s American . She was famous for her character of Niecy Jackson at the Moesha that was a series in UPN. She was also the winner of a reality series, called Celebrity Rap Superstar at the year 2007. Shar Jackson was created in the calendar year 1976 August 31. She’s also known as a comic. Shar Jackson has also looked another tv set called The Bernie Mac Show. She’s also starred in the Film, Great Burger that was a film from Nickelodeon. She also starred in various reality series of the ABC that comprised The Ex-Wives Club Alongside Angie Everhart along with Marla Maples. The series focused on both women and men who’ve gone through the divorce lately. She’s also starred in one of this movie named I Would…I Would. She’s also appeared at the Steppin: The Movie, which was a film based on dancing. She was also included in pop up singing and was a part of this group called Mpulz. Their music was inserted that the soundtrack for The Princess Diaries. She’s appeared in Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp inside ‘s year 7 that was at the year 2010, February. A few of the movies added to her credits were Love and championships where she enacted the use of Felicia. She also played the role of Uwamma Layne from the film, Steppin: The Film. She enacted the Use of Monique in Good Burger. She began acting directly from age 3. She was a gift kid and has been casted in several advertisements and began emerging as guest in many series including My So-Called Life at 1994, Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper at the calendar year 1992, Roc in 1991, along with the Steve Harvey Show at the calendar year 1996. She’s also acted at the films including Great Burger from the calendar year 1997, CB4 at the calendar year 1993, Boom Box at 1990. Even if she’s having experience with her TV and film shows her very best part was in Moesha, enacting the function of Niecy Jackson.

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Shar’s family tree is made up of a very distinctive combination. While her side is of a Native American and an African American warrior, on the opposite her paternal side is of a Puerto Rican, African American and Mexican descent. Shar’s educational heritage is very much distinct from her professional career; she’s a Master degree in Forensic Science while psychology is the topic where she graduated as a job. Earlier Shar was likely and dreamed of becoming a Crime Investigator nevertheless that was before she came across the fact that she’s a panic of bodies and consequently lasted a career in Acting. SYNOPSIS –> Click the picture to expand. –> Shar arise her acting career in the toddler age , and its own afterward she enlisted herself at the Al Fann Theatrical Ensemble. Together with attending her routine private colleges, Shar gave uplift to her modeling career together with the Ubiquitous, Barbizon associations and John Robert Powers. Simultaneously, she focused on studying from Bob Feldman and, then in age 11 she opted to focus solely on behaving. With the support of Al Fann Theatrical Ensemble, she had been quickly being throw in a couple of nationwide commercials and acquired various visitor containing parts. Shar as mentioned previously is dominantly famous for her character portrayal of Niecy Jackson of this T.V. series named Moesha. Aside from that she showed up in The Bernie Mac Show. The series centrally concentrated upon to assist men and women who’ve gone through overdue experienced separation or partition. In 2009, Jackson showed up in the movie that I Would… I Had! Shar also showed in the movement film Steppin: The Film The pop band Mpulz encouraged Shar to become part of the band as a Singer and afterwards she became part of the soundtrack of The Princess Diaries. The team right before disbanding the team came up with a single album. Shar and her then partner Kevin Federline got engaged, her first child girl’s name is Kori Madison Federline along with her next kid with Kevin gets the title Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline. The few isolated in a matter of moments before Kaleb’s debut into the entire world. Following the trailer, Federline started assembled the connection with pop vocalist Britney Spears. Both youthful children, Kori and Kaleb have Britney Spears because their measure mom when their daddy, Kevin Federline got wed with Spears at September 2004. Jackson later remarked that Federline’s affiliation with Spears”wasn’t only just separating a connection. It’s lik dividing a household”, nevertheless maintained a friendly institution with Federline. She has two established kids, Donnie and Cassie together with her secondary college sweetheart. Her Net worth is thought to be 1.5 Million Dollars.

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From different roles, Jackson gathered adequate luck. Her overall net worth is roughly $1.5 million as of 2016. She achieved this victory despite being unmarried mom. She has two children from her connection with her high school love, son Donnie and daughter Cassie. Back in 2000, Jackson began dating Kevin Federline but this love did not have a happy ending. Kevin abandoned Shar when she was pregnant to be able to pursue relationship with Britney Spears. Shar ended up as one mother of four children but did a fantastic job making it function. Her most famous character was Niecy Jackson on Moesha. Her net worth was als fostered via some reality series such as Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp and Hollywood Divas. Their relationship could be stressed since Shar is frequently overprotective. At least that is what Cassie believes. She needs more freedom to create her own mistakes while dating boys. But we know Shar’s position that is coming from a bad experience from the past,

She had been born on September 4th 1976 at Boston, Massachusetts. Shar Jackson is also referred to as Sharisse Jackson. Within a career which has lasted for at least two decades, she has acted in several films such as ‘CB4′, also has guest starred on such television programs since, Roc, Tall Hopes, and Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper. Back in 1996, Shar was cast in the role that gave the name as Niecy Jackson about the hit series, ‘Moesha’. This is the operation which has made her famous and proceeded to present her riches. Her job ‘Moesha’ contributed to some function in the hit movie, ‘Great Burger’. Sharisse ‘Shar’ Jackson was a pop singer also. She was a part of the pop band “Mpulz”. She’s also appeared at The Bernie Mac Show. She co-starred from the Nickelodeon movie Good Burger, together with Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson. The series aimed to help people who have recently gone through divorce or separation.

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Who’s Shar Jackson? Shar Jackson is a American celebrity in addition to a singer. She’s famed for enjoying with her position as a Moesha, at the tv series. In 2007, she had been the winner of MTV reality series, actress rap celebrity. Jackson’s mum is of African American and American federal American Descent whereas Jackson’s dad is of African American and Mexican Descent. She’s been acting when she unites from the Al Fann Theatrical Ensemble. That time she had been just 3 years old. Throughout her college time, she started modeling with John Robert Powers and Barbizon agencies. That time she chose to concentrate just on acting. She wished to be a crime scene investigator. From her college , Shar Jackson had any intimate love affairs. When she was in her late adolescent ‘s era, she became mom first moment. Back in 1993, she had her first child, son called Donovan Jackson. Back in 1995, she became a mom for the next time. When she was in high school, she had been having some love affairs which made her mum for the next time too. She maintained her kid ‘s title Cassilay Monique Jackson. Back in 2000, she had been in profound connection with Kevin Earl Federline. He’s a renowned rapper and singer of the USA. He’s a fashion model along with ex husband of Britney Spears. After dating each other, they have participated in 2001. Career: From her childhood days, she had been great in acting. She always participate in acting and singing contest, in her college days. In 1993, she started her acting career. She performed in the tv show of Tall Hopes, Roc and CB4. On the Television series Moesha, she played the function of Niecy Jackson, who’s a most important character’s greatest buddy. She also played in the series The Bernie Mac and My So Called Life. For her outstanding performance in film Moesha, she had been cast in the film Good Burger. She’s also played from the Clueless, The Parkers and Girlfriends events. She performed as part of the ABC reality show, The Ex-Wives Club with Marla Maples and Angie Everhart. The most important purpose of the show is to encourage both women and men, who’ve gone through divorce. She completed in movie I Do, I Would in 2009. She’s also played in the movie Steppin, which relies on dancing. In 2010, she’s also played from the seventh season of this Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp. She also played in a few famous displays like Getting ByMe and the Boys, The Parent Hood and The Steve Harvey Show. Shar Jackson is a fantastic actress in addition to a singer. She’s a Pop singer. Mpulz is among those rings which appeal to her. Her voice could be heard in the film The Princess Diaries. Her group stopped performing after releasing just 1 album. In 2007, she won the contest from the TV series named Celebrity Rap Superstar about the MTV reality series. Her singing career began from this phase. She’s also played from the Bernie Mac Show. She earns this type of riches from her singing and acting career. She has played in several movies and reality shows on tv. She earns a fantastic portion of her wealth from her singing with a few rappers and singers. Every one these productions have included up to the entire dimensions of Shar Jackson’s net worth. Shar Jackson has been nominated several times and she’s also won a number of these. It’s the singing contest where she took part in the MTV and eventually became the winner of the contest. Together with her acting in many movies and tv shows, she’s won hearts of many and attained all of the fame. Her net worth until date is the consequence of her sheer hard work. Her livelihood and landmarks will be the best examples of success stories.

It’s been said that the general quantity of Shar Jackson net worth is 1.5 million dollars, according to the current estimations. Shar Jackson is called a singer and performer. Shar Jackson is well-known in the TV series called “Moesha”, where she looks as Niecy Jackson. The series airs on UPN and is one of the chief resources of Shar Jackson net worth. Shar Jackson was created in Massachusetts in 1976, but she’s presently residing in Los Angeles, California. From her mum ‘s side she’s African American and out of her dad ‘s side she’s Puerto Rican and Mexican. Along with the earlier mentioned series, “Moesha”, Shar Jackson can be known from another TV shows, for example “The Bernie Mac Show”. Shar Jackson has also emerged in a Nickelodeon manufacturing called “Great Burger”, in which she seemed alongside Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell. Moreover, she’s also appeared in TV show on ABC called “The Ex-Wives Club”, alongside Angie Everhart and Marla Maples. The intention of this show was supposed to help those who’ve suffered separation or divorce. Other two films where she seemed comprise “Steppin: The Film ” and “I Would… I Had! “. Every one these production also have added around the entire dimensions of Shar Jackson net worth. Along with her career as a performer, she’s also called a singer. Therefore, she belonged to the group called “Mpulz”. Additionally, her voice may also be observed in the soundtrack of this movie known as “The Princess Diaries”. The mentioned band released just 1 album since it shortly decided to quit doing. Therefore, music is just another source of her popularity. In 2007, she collaborated in the TV series called “Celebrity Rap Superstar” on MTV where she turned into a winner of the very first location. Along with her career in show business, that is serving as the primary supply of Shar Jackson net worth, she’s also famous for her private life. A while ago she had been in a connection to Kevin Federline, with whom she has two children, a girl born in 2002 and a boy born in 2004. Beforet he birth of the son, the couple split. Following that, Kevin Federline began a famed connection with Britney Spears. Shar Jackson also said that it was Britney Spears who awakened her loved ones.

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